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Our atelier

Open since 2016, in São Paulo, Atelier Natalia Rios is specialized in the art of embroidery. The thread, needle hands and ideas are the basis to create refined and exclusive work for fashion and interior design industry. The atelier is pioneer in mainly using and teaching the French origin technique Crochet de Lunéville, which is used by the most renowned European maisons of high fashion like Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Schiparelli, among others.


All the embroidery works search for inspiration and influences on french techniques and other countries, but mainly on the diversity of Brazilian culture - rich in handcrafted works and naturally creative. The challenge on each project is to explore each and every stitch an embroidery can offer us and create new and authentic aesthetics. The atelier has developed several projects and embroidery works for well-known fashion stylists in Brazil, such as Aya, Emannuelle Junqueira, Fernanda Yamamoto, Helo Rocha, Patrícia Viera, Sandro Barros and Victoria Seger, and going as far as the runways of São Paulo Fashion Week.

Along with the production of embroidery, the atelier also offers a consultancy for fashion professionals with a presentation about the Lunéville; development of fashion collections; and creation of new themes and textile surfaces.


Quality, design and caprice at our fingertips. With this recipe, in partnership with our clients, we aim to become a reference in embroidery for high fashion in Brazil.

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