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Natalia Rios is a Brazilian designer who strongly believes in the future of handcrafted embroidery art. After graduating in fashion and a long time experience with several handcrafted techniques such as crochet, knitting, lace and knitwear, she decided to travel and specialize in the work she truly loves.


In Paris, Natalia graduated from the traditional École Lesage where she learned the most varied skills for the construction of textile surfaces and high fashion embroidery. Her enchantment for the handcrafted work is a family heritage. Since very young, the future designer accompanied the daily routine of her mother and aunt, former owners of a knitting factory, and strolled around sewing and weaving machines, and needles. Just like the weaves of the most intricate fabrics, her path was created stitch by stitch in an original and unique way.


Today, Natalia is the first authorized instructor for the Swarovski brand in South America and has a postgraduate in Strategic Management for Fashion from FAAP University. She manages her atelier and embroidery school in São Paulo where she offers classes and creates her original and customized work for clients.  

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