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Our School

The school is pioneer in Brazil for teaching the history and techniques of Lunéville embroidery, one of the most important craftsmanship in high fashion. With the support of Swarovski, the school seeks to rescue our hand's caprice and offer new experiences for the creation of embroidery.


In a pleasant and professional environment, integrated with the Atelier Natalia Rios, students have the opportunity to use the best and most diverse materials for embroidery. They can learn the basic needle and thread skills, discover textile surfaces, share doubts and get to know very closely the inspiring routine of a place where one thinks embroidery 24/7.


Besides the French tradition, the school has influences from many cultures around the world, equally rich and charming for those who want to embroider. The idea is to mix different stories, review concepts and explore new trends.


The daily classes have the individual teachings of Natalia Rios, who guides each student from the preparation of the frame mount to the end stitch of each exercise. With creativity and dedication, our embroidery school can be the beginning of a new passion. Come experience this world with us!

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